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It's been awhile! 
08:43pm 19/04/2006
  It started out as a short update and got kinda longishCollapse )  
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01:30pm 31/01/2006
mood: bouncy
okay i'm new to this and i've only been playing alto sax for two years. the problem i'm having is after a few weeks i run out of new reeds i perfer 2 1/2 reeds instead of 3. and instead of paying a dollor for a reed from my teacher i was wondering if anyone knows where i can easily buy a box of 2 1/2 reeds that are somewhat cheap? if so please comment to this i would really appreciate it....thanks in advance.
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Saxophone Mouthpiece! 
02:45am 21/11/2005

I recently purchased some mouthpieces to try on recommendation, one of them being a Selmer Paris Larry Teal Alto Saxophone mouthpiece. Well, I decided I was going to stick with my Caravan mouthpiece and now have this brand new LT mouthpiece sitting here with me in my room. If anyone would like this mouthpiece please let me know. I would really like to have someone buy it instead of keeping it and not using it. I bought it for $150, so if someone wants it and is willing to pay that and shipping, or B/O let me know!

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11:13am 30/10/2005
  Who made JAZZ BAND?




Sorry, I'm just happy.
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03:21pm 16/10/2005
mood: <3 my section leader & saxes
My name is nicole i live in some hick town in michigan where a dead end life seems to be all there is I love playing the saxophone though i admit im not very good, i play the tenor in concert band but i play alto for marching (the tenor is the funnest) and i love everyone that plays sax and any one that is in or has ever been in marching band, i don't have much to say but im definatly a sax player through and through the saxophone section definitely has more fun, no denying it, slackers, and way out there but focused and always in the right mind set we always get it done right maybe three counts late and independent from the rest of the band but we get it done right visual solos and all (Don't you wish you had a sax like mine)

Good Sax is Better and you know it

 Bad A$$ Saxes all the way,

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Scimonetti's in California. 
10:27pm 08/10/2005
  If anyone is in the L.A. County are or, just in for a visit, you should go to:

Scimonetti's Brass and Woodwind
701 W.Avenue K
Lancaster, CA 93534


The website doesn't do them justice!!!! That store is AMAZING!!! They carry EVERY BRAND of saxophone, with at least 5 of each in stock at ALL TIMES!!!!

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Hi. :) 
01:59pm 07/10/2005
mood: calm
Howdy! I just joined and wanted to say hi. :)

Name : Amy

Instrument(s): Alto Reference 54, Tenor Serie III, Sop Buescher TruTone, Bari (wanna buy it?), Flute (Gemeinhardt), Clarinet (need a new one), and the smallest amount of piano to get by.

Favourite instrument(s): Has to be my Alto and Tenor.

Describe your personality: Some might see me as the typical sax player/band geek, some might not. I’m pretty open minded, hopefully my brain won’t ooze out my ears. Saxophone and music are what I do. I can be goofy, EXTREMELY sarcastic, but also really sweet and fun to talk to.
03:20pm 29/09/2005
  1) Anyone interested in purchasing an intermediate baritone saxophone (YBS52-yamaha, gold lacquer, low A, etc, etc).

2) Where is the best places (I dont trust ebay all the time) to see a horn online... doing it in stores usually gets you a different appraisal than OBO. So.. what has anyone on here used?
04:27pm 22/09/2005
  I purchased a Yanigasawa 992 Bronze and absolutely love it! So much more than I expected! Yani alto's have never had a good reputation--and for good reason too, they weren't good! The bari's, tenors, and sopranos are outstanding and with the new renovated 992 bronze I just have to add it to the list of being great.

Does anyone else play on a 992 bronze?

I would recomend it to the world. It's amazing. The intonation is fabulous. Overtones and altisimo sing. The aesthics are great. The technique is just as good as the other sizes Yani makes.

I play on a caravan mouthpiece with it and just get a gorgeous tone. Very good purchase. AND it's not as expensive as those Selmers and such.

Yes, I have played all of those. And yes, I don't like them as much. The only sax I'd stick in comparison with is the Keilwerth but only because you could possibly get a larger more resonant sound out of the horn (depending on mouthpiece.. i doubt you could ever get as big of a sound with a C*). But the unfortunate thing for Keilwerths is that they are totally inconsistant and unless you have a lot of time and money to spend trying them out and sending them back constantly then I recomend the Yani 992 at the get go. Japanese techs are very consistant in precision so you dont need to try out alot.

Hmm. Yes, that was my post.
05:57pm 22/09/2005
mood: Yer mother
Name : zAlexandra, but you can call me zAlex since it's faster to type.
Instrument(s) : Alto sax and tenor sax, mostly tenor ♥Clara
Favourite instrument(s) : Uh... the saxophone? I like drums too, but I've never tried playing them before.
Recording of you playing : My webcam/microphone is being an idiot.
Describe your personality : Hm. I can be really loud sometimes (to the point where I might be told to 'shut up' haha) I can also be really quiet. I'm first chair tenor in a section of three (oooh sooo impressive, eh?) and my ego would be forever scarred if I was out-chaired by the seventh grader. I don't really know how else to describe myself.
Image(s) of you : I don't have any up right now, but I'll post some so you can all stalk me :D Yay child predators, haha.
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12:16pm 12/09/2005
  does anyone have a recording of the following pieces for Eb alto saxophone:

Debusy Syrinx
Eccles Sonata (full.. I have 2 mvts.)
Bozza Aria
Creston Sonata (full..again I have 2 mvts.)
Tom Ridder George's Introduction and Dance

Thanks in advance if you do!
01:44am 07/08/2005
  For starts, I'm Ben from NJ.

I'm a proud owner of three saxes..

Cannonball Big Bell Global Series.. Tenor
yamaha YAS-62.. alto
Model 53 Selmer Series III Soprano

I'm a guy that tends to steer towards classical when I am playing alone, which seems to be 99% of my time now. I've been playing in bands since fourth grade. Playing is not my profession, and my real profession has definitely limited my sax time. The time in my week I do have to play usually ends up as the best time of my week. In short, I play sax, and I love it!
Introduction-ish text. =) 
05:04pm 28/06/2005
mood: enthralled
Nickname : James
Instrument(s) : Flute, Alto Sax
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12:10pm 28/06/2005
mood: content
So.. Welcome, I guess. That is, if you've decided to join. This's a new community so don't expect a horde of responses yet.

Okay. This place is pretty much working now...

The profile/info page is really lame, though. :) Suggestions are appreciated.

A banner that might work?

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